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Information about Simutrans redirects here. Basic information about Simutrans can be found here, as well as pointers to all Simutrans resources.
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Child Boards: Forum FAQ, New Member Welcome
Download Simutrans 
Download Simutrans Here!
Moderator: prissi
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Child Boards: Testing
Global Announcements 
Announcements of interest to the entire community
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Administrative Assistants Lounge (private) 
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Child Boards: AA - Active Proposals (private), AA - Closed Proposals (private), Lounge 1337 (private)
Dev Team Lounge (private) 
Moderator: prissi
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Devotee Lounge (private) 
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Child Boards: DV - Pre-Prop Discussion, DV - Active Propositions (private), DV - Closed Propositions (private)
Simutrans Projects Members Lounge (private) 
For anyone who has an enhanced role in the community and forum
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Child Boards: Moderator Lounge (private), Subdomain Lounge (private)
Requests and Discussion
Help Requests 
Having troubles figuring something out?
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Child Boards: Solved Help Requests
Bug Reports 
Report after searching to make sure isn't already known... Please give relevant details...
Moderator: whoami
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Child Boards: Closed Bug Reports, Known Bugs
Extension Requests 
Post your requests to extend the Simutrans engine (not paks)
Moderator: fagonella
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Child Boards: Completed Extension Requests, Considered Extension Requests, Denied Extension Requests
Simutrans Discussion 
Topics about Simutrans that don't fit elsewhere...
Moderator: fagonella
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Child Boards: Praise, Tips & Tricks, Archived Discussion
General Discussion 
Feel free to talk about anything and everything in this board.
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Child Boards: English Topic Boards
Restricted Users 
Restricted Users, Devotees, and mods only
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Moderators: mobo, Simppe
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Discussion about pak64
Moderator: Timothy
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Child Boards: Pak64 Lounge`, Pak64 Add-ons, Pak64 Saved Games
Moderator: stormoog
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64x64 Projects 
Moderator: Timothy
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Child Boards: 64x64 Add-ons, PakMars
Hand-Drawn Simutrans
Moderator: martin
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96x96 Projects 
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Child Boards: 96x96 Add-ons, Pak96
Discuss issues related to Pak 128, and
Moderator: napik
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Child Boards: Pak128 Announcements, Pak128 Saved Games, Pak128 Collaborative Games
128x128 Projects 
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Child Boards: 128x128 Add-ons, Pak19thCentury, PakBritain, PakHongKong, PakJapan128, PakSC
Moderators: Gogo, Stubbsy
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Resources & Development
Source code, Patches, and Nightly Builds 
All about the simutrans source code and latest patches and builts
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Child Boards: Accepted Patches, Considered Patches, Rejected Patches, Compiling Simutrans
Public discussion area relating to graphics development and
Moderator: Timothy
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Makeobj is a tool to include new objects (vehicles, buildings, industries, goods, etc) into Simutrans.
Moderator: Timothy
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This board is for discussion and sharing of .PPM map files
Moderator: Joker
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Regarding developing sounds for Simutrans
Moderator: shunter
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Discussion about translations, translating and SimuTranslator tool
Moderator: napik
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Projects and Web Resources
Project: Simutrans International Forum 
Questions about, problems with, suggestions for: The Forum. :-)
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Child Boards: Project: Language Boards, Outdated and Moderated
Project: Simutrans Wiki 
Moderator: Dirk Burkholz
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Child Boards: Wiki Admin Lounge (private), Wiki Editors Lounge (private)
Various Projects 
Projects too small for their own board...
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Child Boards: Project: RvG Assistants (private), Project: Simutrans Reference Material, Project: SimuConfig
Web Resources 
Discussion about the various internet resources used by and available to Simutrans community
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Child Boards: Project:
CS - Česky (Czech)
CS - Česky (Czech) 
673 Posts
61 Topics
CS Liaison Discussion 
13 Posts
5 Topics
DE - Deutsch (German)
DE - Deutsch (German) 
You may post on this board in German (no translation to English required)
Moderators: hellmade, mip
227 Posts
23 Topics
ES - Español (Spanish)
ES - Español (Spanish) 
Se pueden publicar comentarios en Español en este foro (no se requiere traducción al Inglés)
Moderator: vilvoh
1229 Posts
102 Topics
ES Liaison Discussion 
Escriba en Inglés o Español o ambos. Write in English or Spanish or both.
15 Posts
3 Topics
FR - Français (French)
FR - Français (French) 
Vous pouvez écrire en Français, ici (une traduction anglaise n'est pas nécessaire)
Moderators: fagonella, Lmallet
622 Posts
79 Topics
IT - Italiano (Italian)
IT - Italiano (Italian) 
Qui potete scrivere direttamente in Italiano (non è necessaria la traduzione in Inglese)
Moderator: fagonella
118 Posts
33 Topics
NL - Nederlands (Dutch)
NL - Nederlands (Dutch) 
Moderator: stormoog
115 Posts
15 Topics
PT - Português (Portuguese)
Discussões e Avisos 
Discussões sobre Simutrans, Fórum e outros, e avisos da moderação.
Moderator: IgorTekton
930 Posts
66 Topics
Child Boards: Discussões arquivadas
Ajuda, Bugs e Sugestões 
Ajuda sobre Simutrans e Fórum, relatos de bugs e sugestões
Moderator: IgorTekton
484 Posts
80 Topics
Child Boards: Tutoriais e Dicas
Recursos e Desenvolvimento 
Add-ons, traduções, sites, gráficos, jogos salvos, screenshots, e outros
Moderator: IgorTekton
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47 Topics
PT Liaison Discussion 
Escreva em Inglês ou Português ou ambos. Write in English or Portuguese or both.
16 Posts
6 Topics
SV - Svenska (Swedish)
SV - Svenska (Swedish) 
Moderator: stormoog
17 Posts
2 Topics
SV Liaison Discussion 
7 Posts
1 Topics
ZH - 中文 (Chinese)
ZH - 中文 (Chinese) 
76 Posts
18 Topics
ZH Liaison Discussion 
Bilingual discussion of issues related to CN - Chinese board.
41 Posts
4 Topics
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